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Meat jelly combines corn, carrots, peas, eggs, poultry or pork. And it all flooded with spices for a truly home-made taste


It is a source of minerals such as:
sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium
and vitamins: wit. A, B1, B2, E PP and C.


Carrots are one of the first foods given to a child, nutritionists especially recommend it to the elderly. Bo cleans blood vessels, regulates gastric function, keeps the liver healthy. And of course she sharpens her eyes.


Green peas contain lots of vitamins and minerals. Neutralizes free radicals
In the body, it reduces the risk of damage to the veins. The chances of heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, arthritis are reduced.
Helps in reducing cholesterol.


From the eating point of view
Eggs in the daily diet are advisable because they contain the cumulative source of most of the basic nutrients in the body’s most beneficial proportions. Eggs are the only nutritional product containing all exogenous amino acids.


Dietary gelatine is primarily a great source of protein, peptides and amino acids. Doctors often recommend drinking gelatine after accidents and injuries, because it causes wounds to heal faster, bone grows, and injuries are subside. It has beneficial effects on the skin, hair and nails.


The advantages of a broth can be exchanged
infinity. It works like a good drug,
But there are no side effects and no
causes side effects.





Poultry meat is a diet that meets the needs of people on a gluten free diet and prefers low fat products. A lot of wholesome protein, which is easily absorbed by the body. Pork meat – pork knuckle is considered a delicacy.


The unique taste and aroma of jelly is due to high quality products, traditional recipe and modern production process.

All ingredients of the product are placed in a bowl, then filled with boiling salmon and sealed
aluminum badge in the welding process. This way of production excludes the use of any artificial preservatives from the catalog “E …” as the preservation is natural – pasteurization. This allows us to achieve a 35-day shelf-life for poultry jelly,
and a 45 day shelf life for pig jellies.

The product is recommended to all connoisseurs of good taste, especially those who are on diets, athletes and convalescents.

With information from our consumers we can be sure our jelly always has the right proportions of taste. Expressive yet delicate taste gives us the feeling and confidence of the traditional
and healthy product.